The following resolutions (Horizontal x Vertical) are all for NTSC (USA & Cnd.) and are the very best that can be expected out of that particular format.


HDTV (4DTV with HDD200) 1980x1080i (Hi-Res 16:9)
HDTV 1280x720p (Hi-Res 16:9)
HDTV 704x480 (Standard-Res 16:9)
DVD 540x480 (4:3 Progressive Scan)
ED-Beta 525x482
Beta 250x482
Super Beta (B1s Speed) 300x482
Super Beta (B2s Speed) 285x482
TVRO (Big Dish) 525x482 (Live Backhaul)
Laser Disc 425x482 (4:3)
DVD 405x480 (16:9 Progressive Scan)
S-VHS 400x482
Broadcast 330x482
Cable 330x482
VHS 240x482
DBS(mini-dish) 364x240