Digital Breakup

Why can't I get a digital signal when analog is fine?

This is probably because digital is like Ku it's a very fine setting. To tune in a digital signal you should go to install settings (options 6,4, password 92121, 4, then the satellite your looking to program in) Number four will be the skew, try adjusting this up and or down till the digital signal becomes strongest. Next go to line 2 dish position and move it to the right and/or left one number at a time checking your digital signal strength. Here you are looking to find the correct setting for your satellite for the digital signal (usually two or three number to the right or left will bring in your digital signal) You'll have to keep playing with the skew and dish position till you find out what's best for your satellite. Note some digital channels are H skew while others are V, so if you get some digital channels while some won't come in then you'll have to adjust the other skew also (to change the skew change channels up and/or down). If this all fails then what I would recommend is that you check your satellite positioning. Unless you know how to align your satellite properly I recommend calling a technician to realign your satellite. If even after realignment your satellite still can't bring in the digital signal then you'll need a new LNB in your dish, and ask for a good digital capable one to be installed. One mistake most satellite dealers make is they want to sell you a new LNB and you might not need it because your satellite is not positioned properly, remember that digital is a very fine signal and just because you can get analog fine doesn't mean that your satellite isn't optimally positioned.

Why is it that the digital signal always breaks up?

First your signal could be too strong (usually on 12 foot dishes). Check your signal strength (options 5), if its 90 its too strong Another thing to check is the AGC number (option 6,5, line F), as the AGC number should be between -42 & -60 dBm.

To fix the over powered signal on most systems you'll have to install a power pass through in-line attenuator (that can be found at Radio Shack for about $2.00 US). What this attenuator will do is decrease your signal strength, but each dish will need to be customized as each signal strength will be different depending on your dish size and model of lnb or lnbf. If one attenuator doesn't bring the signal down the AGC number between -42 & -60 dBm then you will have to install multiple in-line attenuators As Radio Shack only sells 6db attenuators; this is a good starting point as you don't know how much attenuation you will need for your satellite. Play around with adding more till the AGC number falls within its range, once its does then you know how big of an attenuator you will need. Ideally you'd like to have only one attenuator, but since we don't know how much attenuation you'll need you may end up with multiple devices, unless you call a satellite technician to your house and let him find out how much attenuation you need for your satellite. Now you can enjoy your digital programming and digital music!

Note: To maintain a digital picture without digital breakup you need a quality number of at least 34 for the DSR922 4DTV or a quality number of at least 14 for the DSR920 4DTV