Firmware Information

Their is a new firmware that has been done for the HDD200. It will be shipped in all new HDD200 products by mid November 2001. The new firmware adds new features to the HDD200 that will allow you to move the image (sizing) to center on 4:3 HDTV's. To receive this update you'll have to send your HDD200 into a Motorola service center to be flashed. All you have to pay is the shipping to and from for this update, and is only required if you own a 4 by 3 aspect ratio HDTV. This update can't be done via a satellite download.

To tell if you have the new HDD200 firmware; when you turn on the HDD200 push the CC button and hold it down and then push the power button on. If you see a menu this verifies that you've got the most recent firmware.