What do you need to receive Terrestrial HDTV signals?

1. You first need a HDTV ready TV or Projector that is HDTV ready -most HDTV ready sets have Component Video inputs labeled Y,Pb,Pr which can also be used for connecting a DVD player to your HDTV -these inputs will be used for the digital television set-top-decoder (NB only if your HDTV doesn't already have the built in Terrestrial HDTV tuner)

2. You also need a HDTV Digital Television Set-Top Decoder - Note: some HDTV's come with this built in to the television, but many HDTV don't have these units built in to the television because it would make the HDTV even more expensive to purchase. What does it mean if your HDTV doesn't have this terrestrial HDTV decoder built in? Well you will need to purchase a HDTV Digital Television Set-Top-Decoder. Their are many different set-top-decoders available. For this article I will describe the Samsung (SIR-T150) set-top-decoder. The reason I like this set-top-decoder is because it can easily tune and decodes all 18 ATSC Table 3 broadcast format standards, this is over kill now because the FCC has settled on the mode of HDTV transmissions to be 8-VSB. (What EXACTLY IS 8-VSB ANYWAY?) Below is a short overview of this product:

Samsung's DTV Tuner offers great flexibility for delivering FREE over-the-air digital television signals to just any new or existing DTV monitor or high performance television. Employing Samsung's latest design, the SIR-T150 easily tunes and decodes all 18 ATSC Table 3 broadcast format standards. Worried about connectivity and compatibility? Samsung solves this problem by offering an all-format converter output design combined with an array of wide-band connections. Simply select 480P, 720P or 1080i on the back of the unit for matching the appropriate native display format of the DTV monitor. Output connection options are selectable 15-pin D-sub connector or via Component Video Y, Pb, Pr connections. The SIR-T150 also outputs NTSC 480i, making it compatible with high performance televisions or VCRs featuring a S-Video or a standard composite video input. Attractively designed and moderately priced (aprox. $629), Samsung's new SIR-T150 is certainly a step forward in solving life's many DTV format choices.


Tunes and decodes all 18 approved ATSC DTV broadcast forms
Decodes Dolby Digital® DTV Broadcasts
Selectable outputs for matching 480i/480P/720P/1080i native display formats
Outputs standard definition NTSC 480i via S-Video and RCA type outputs
Component Video Y, Pb, Pr outputs
RGB 15 Pin D-Sub connector
Dolby Digital® Audio Co-axial and Optical Outputs
Samsung's unique I-Point® remote control(RS232C)
Analog and digital audio output terminals

3. An off air antenna -What type of antenna will depend on where you are located and where the broadcaster is located. To find out what type of antenna you require go to (Link: Antennaweb) and follow the instructions their.

4. Once you acquire all of your equipment you connect your antenna to your HDTV terrestrial off-air-tuner and then tune to a HDTV channel. For a list of HDTV channels click here.

Hope this information helps you get started in receiving your terrestrial HDTV channels.