Can't get a digital lock light to come on? What do you do?

First check Options -> 5 (Adjust Picture) and look at the quality number, if its 0 then try moving the dish positon a few clicks to the left and/or right if nothing happens then push 2 (undo settings). You might also try adjusting your skew via Options -> 6 (Change System Settings) -> 4 (Change Installation Settings) -> 4 (Program Satellites) -> then move to the satellite you want to adjust by moving to it with the arrow keys and press enter -> Now move to line 4 and adjust your skew a few numbers up and/or down and see if you get the Quality number above 0 if you do you'll get a DCII lock light. Remember you might have to change channels to adjust both H (horizontal) & V (vertical) skews.

If the above doesn't work now there are two other things you can do. One is a software reset which works sometimes and the other is a hardware reboot or reset.

Software Reset

To reset the software go to satellite G0 (G10 was formerly G9, but G9 has moved so some of the old documentation will say G9 but you should use G10, known as G0 in the 4DTV) and tune to transponder 07 (use to tune to transponder 13 but Motorola & TVN have changed this as of December 02 2004) then press Options, 6, 0, 5, <, < [screen F], then press Info. [registers will reset], then press the Guide button on the remote to reload the menu. Note if you don't see the DCII light come on then you'll have to do a hardware reboot (see below).

Hardware Reboot

To do this you should first position you satellite to G0, this is because this is where the Guide Information is loaded from. Then you should unplug the 4DTV receiver from the wall and leave unpluged for a half hour to fourty-five minutes. After the wait you plug back in your receiver and wait for the warmup process then you should press the power button (on) then press the guide button on the remote. You should see the DCII light come back on. Now you have to wait about five minutes to get the full Guide downloaded to the receiver. (note: if you have a receiver that hasn't got the new channel map updates since April 1 2004 you should tune to G0 07 and leave receiver on that channel with a DCII lock light for 1/2 hr)

Note: To maintain a digital picture without digital breakup you need a quality number of at least 34 for the DSR922 4DTV or a quality number of at least 14 for the DSR920 4DTV