Master Reset on 4DTV Receivers

WARNING: If your not familiar with your 4DTV and programming satellites then let someone who knows what they are doing (usually best for dealers to do this) as doing a Master Reset (MR) will make your 4DTV unusable.

1. First you should write down each satellites position and skew for each satellite. Link for worksheet (Provided by the 4DTV Forum in XLS format)

2. Note: The dish LimitsOptions 6-4-3 will be reset so write this information down both East and West limits

3. Note: Dish settings Options 6-4-2 write down Actuator, LNB Type & Feedhorn Polarization

4. Note: All timers will be erased when you do a MR on the 4DTV

5. Now move your dish to satellite G0 (G10R) Remember the number this satellite is at. If you like you can tweak your dishes position up or down a few numbers to bring in the maximum signal number on digital channels.

6. Press Options 6-7-7-8 arrow down to Reset to Factory Defaults and press enter The receiver should reset and reboot and you will see the receivers front say WM UP

7. After WM UP (warm up) you need to enter in your new dish limits and programming in the G9 satellite icon at the G0 position (the reason it is G9 is because G0 is a new satellite that took the place of G9 and you reset the receiver back to the old data it had when manufactured)

8. Go to Options 6-4-2 and set this up as you recorded it down as. Then set the limits of your satellite and then push 3 Program Satellites and program in satellite G9 it should be at a dish position of 5000. Now tune to transponder 5 (use to be transponder TP. 7 Dec. 02/04) and you should get a DCII Lock light and leave the receiver here for at least 1/2 hour. If you don't get a DCII lock light you might have a new receiver that needs activation call your program provider to activate your digital (note this is usually not needed) At some point you will see the G9 turn to G0 this is normal If you like go to Options 6-5 and look at the box at the bottom called Channels. Once you start receiving the new channel maps this number should slowly start to increment.

9. If your 4DTV doesn't have the IPG (on screen Guide) you will have to call your program provider and ask them for a hit on the IPG so tune to satellite G0 channel 101. Go to options 6-5 and now look at the Trip Counter number once you receive a hit from the program provider you will see this number jump from 0 to a positive number. This means you have got a digital hit and your guide is now enabled. To download the guide push the Guide button on the 4DTV remote and let it load. :Note the Guide now loads from satellite G1 not G0 (G10) as of March 30/2005 bec. TVN on satellite G0 changed over to VOD broadcasting. If you don't have satellite G1 programmed in or can't receive a strong enough digital signal on G1 TP.3 you won't be able to receive the 4DTV IPG guide.

10. Now you can program in the rest of your satellites remember to program in each satellites skew and position as you had written it down on your work sheet. But before you do that you'll have to set the dishes Limits, but should be done from above. (Note: if in step number 5 you tweaked your satellites position for satellite G0 for example from 5000 to 5005 as this gave you the best quality reading, then when you program in every other satellite add +5 to every satellite position number that you have on your worksheet. Note: each satellite might need to be tweaked these numbers on your satellite worksheet are reference points.

Depending on how experienced you are you might not want to write down every satellite position and skew. Also having a reference of what's on each satellite will help you tune in your dishes positions so if you like look at this link to see what's on each satellite. ( Link ) Remember the 4DTV can only receive analog and DCII channels if there is an analog channel its best to tune to that first, then try tuning in the digital channels.

Note: To maintain a digital picture without digital breakup you need a quality number of at least 34 for the DSR922 4DTV or a quality number of at least 14 for the DSR920 4DTV