From the 4DTV forum from John Ferguson @ NPS (Dec 19/06)


So, this is the update:
CNN, CNNHl, TBS, TNT, Cartoon-NPS paying tier bit fees and will continue analog support for these channels. NPS will be the only provider for these
WE, IFC-waiting on permission from Rainbow Media Group to provide on x4, via HITS
NICK East-NPS reuplink
Comedy-NPS reuplink
Golf-waiting on Permission from The Golf Channel to provide on x4 via HITS
E!-NPS reuplink-moving 02-28-2007
Discovery East-in 4dtv Format on C-4, should just transistion
Disney, ABC family-working on this with Disney, hope to have information soon.
WGN-Nps reuplink
ESPN-ESPN 2-will not be available on 4dtv
USA-Sci-fi-staying analog Until Further Notice
Weather-staying analog until further notice
Foxnews-staying analog until further notice
Spike-NPS reuplink
Courtv-NPS reuplink on gb-580-already up and running to all ADP and Digital Essentials Subscribers

Thank you,

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