922 Rear Picture Only

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1. S/PDIF Connection - Allows encoded material to be played as stereo or decoded by a Dolby® Brand Pro-Logic® surround sound processor for AC-3®, 5.1 channel sound.

2. Multimedia Access Port (MMAP) - The MMAP is primarily designed to allow you to receive high definition channels via the HDD-200. The MMAP connection can also allow your 4DTV receiver to adapt to a compatible computer and future technology.

3. S-Video Connection - S-Video output is active on all channels, both digital and analog, and is effective at reducing "dot crawl" and other picture anomalies.

4. Baseband Video Connection - Allows for the connection of external baseband accessories and stand alone descramblers.

5. Motor Terminals - Actuator terminals

6. Dual Audio/Video Outputs - Gold plated connectors. One set fixed, one set variable.

7. LNB - C and Ku connections

8. TV/RF - Antenna in and out to TV.

9. TelCo - Telephone line

10. Polarity

11. AC - Power connection

12. VCRS Analog Subscription add-in board

13. Ground Screw for connecting ground wire from actuator