Some of the first 4DTV Digital Sidecars inadvertently left the factory listing only

(1) unit authorization number (U/A). Normally, 4DTV products list two (2)U/A numbers; in both decimal and hexadecimal formats. The first few 4DTV
Digital Sidecar (DSR 905) units manufactured included the U/A number only the decimal format. However, program packagers primarily use the
hexadecimal U/A number to authorize satellite receivers for programming. So it is necessary to provide them the hexadecimal number for authorization. The two numbers are mathematically related, so translating the decimal U/A into the hexadecimal U/A is very simple. Please note this only affects the first few 4DTV Digital
Sidecars (DSR 905) to leave our factory. This has since been corrected and both U/A's will be on the back of every 4DTV Digital Sidecars (DSR 905) leaving our factory in the future.

There is a primary difference between the two numbers; the decimal number is all numerical while the hexadecimal contains both alphanumeric characters (see examples
Decimal (e.g. 000-38415-38244-000)
Hexadecimal (e.g. E4F938C4)

What to do:
1. Locate the decimal U/A Number.
The decimal U/A Number is located in two places:
a. on the back of the unit, immediately on the right of the power cord connection. It is indicated by the term, "U/A number."
b. on the diagnostic screen. From the remote, press Options 6, 4, refer to Line A. Translate the decimal U/A number into its hexadecimal equivalent.

a. On every PC there is a calculator that performs both standard and scientific functions.
b. To get to the calculator go to Start, then Programs, then Accessories, then Calculator.
c. Put the calculator in scientific mode by going to View and selecting Scientific.
d. Enter the decimal U/A number. Ignore the first 3 numbers. Enter the next 10 numbers (without the dash). Choose "Hex" and your digital numbers will automatically convert to the hexadecimal format. Now convert the last 3 numbers separately.

For example, Decimal U/A - 000-03419 -95492-236
Enter 341995492 to get 0014626FE4
Enter 236 to get EC
The resulting alphanumeric number is the hexadecimal U/A - 0014626FE4-EC.

3. Mark the Unit Address Number in Two (2) Areas Before Installation. Before installing a unit for a customer please use a permanent marker and write the hexadecimal number in two places:

a. on the back of the 4DTV Digital Sidecars (DSR 905) AND
b. on the first page of the owners manual. It is important that your customers always have this number available so they can handle their own programming

Other Resources
1. If you are unable to translate the number successfully you may call 1-800-308-4350 and Motorola will assist you with the decimal to hexadecimal translation.

2. You can also call your Territory Sales Representative or 1-800-320-8284 if you need assistance in the decimal to hexadecimal conversion.