DVB (Digital Video Broadcast)

DVB is another method of satellite reception based upon the Mpeg2 standard. Within DVB there are many other standards, & DVB signals are not receivable with a 4DTV (as 4DTV is DCII digital reception only) and vice verca.

Generally there is international programming available in DVB mode on the big dish.

Slave 4DTV to a DVB receiver

Example of 8 LNBs to a DVB receiver

http://www.dvbresource.com/ Link

http://www.coolstf.com/mpeg/ Link

For DVB set receiver as follows:

C-Band -> L.O. High = 5150 GHz => L.O.Low = 0 GHz => Power = ON

Ku-Band -> L.O. High = 10750 GHz =>L.O. Low = 0 GHz =>Power = ON

Universal Ku-Band LNBF -> L.O. High = 10600 GHz =>L.O. Low = 9750 GHz =>Power = ON => 0/22KHz = Auto

DSS LNBF -> L.O. High = 11250 GHz =>L.O. Low = 0 GHz =>Power = ON

Smaller dish H-H Motor info & LNBF Polarization Tilt