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from skyretailer.com, September 06-05

C-Band Subscribers Continue to Jump Ship
As gas prices continue to soar across the country, so do big dish cancellations as other options become more attractive. With satellite television and cable subscriptions steadily climbing to new heights, C-Band supporters are consistently getting left in the basement.

The latest numbers released from Access Control Center, the Motorola group responsible for tracking big dish subscriber numbers, show the total number of C-Band authorizations continues its steady decline. During the month of August, big dish service tallied 14 activations and 7,603 de-authorizations.

Although not as bad as previous months, the numbers show net authorizations for August 2005 at -7,589. Authorizations for the month of July was -15,935; -29,743 in June; -8,531 in May; -8,306 in April; and -11,160 in March.

from skyretailer.com, Aug 3-05

Latest Numbers from Big Dish, Starz Makes C-Band Move:

With DirecTV and DISH scheduled to report financial and operational figures for the second quarter of 2005, here is the latest information regarding C-Band subscriber traffic according to Access Control Center.For the month of July, gross authorizations for C-Band satellite television reached just 16. By contrast, gross de-authorizations - or cancellations, as they're sometimes called - amassed 15,935.Over the past few months, C-Band lost 29,743 subs in June; 8,531 in May; 8,306 in April; and 11,160 in March.Access Control Center is the Motorola group responsible for tracking big dish subscriber numbers.As if the numbers news isn't sour enough for the big dish, Starz Entertainment Group said Wednesday it will cease transmission of its analog satellite signal serving C-Band dish customers by Dec. 31."We are grateful to the C-band customers who made it possible for the satellite industry to launch 20 years ago," said executive vice president of sales Ed Huguez. "But digital technology is clearly the wave of the future. With so many consumers converting to digital, we have reached a point where it is no longer cost effective to continue to deliver an analog satellite service."

from skyretailer.com, June 02-05

Big Dish Continues Big Slide
Net de-authorizations in 2005 for the month of February: 8,684; March: 11,160; April: 8,306; May: 8,531...

Access Control Center, Inc., the Motorola group responsible for tracking big dish subscriber numbers, released its latest findings about C-Band losses this week and found that the cumulative number of subs is down to 215,706, as of May 31.

from skyretailer.com, Mayl 04-05

More C-Band Losses - Big Dish Total Stands at 224K

In April, C-Band suffered yet another subscriber loss: 8,306 net de-authorizations.

The number was reported Monday by the Access Control Center operated by Motorola, which is in charge of overseeing authorizations and de-authorizations for the big dish. As of the end of April, C-Band had a cumulative subscriber count of 224,398.

For more information on C-Band, visit http://www.4dtv.com.

from skyretailer.com, April 05-05

C-Band Experiences Tough March Subscriber Loss
De-Authorizations Increase as the Big Dish Suffers

In March, C-Band suffered a fairly tough loss: 11,160 net de-authorizations.

Over the first quarter of 2005, the big dish has further approached the 200,000-subscriber mark - and it could be surpassed by the end of summer.

To date, C-Band has a cumulative subscriber count of 232,746.

For more information on C-Band, visit http://www.4dtv.com.

from skyretailer.com, January 13-05

C-Band De-Authorizations for December More Than 10,000
Big Dish Continues to Weather Subscriber Slaughter

According to Motorola's Access Control Center, 10,788 subscribers decided to shut-off their C-Band satellite TV systems throughout December.

Although thousands turned their backs on the big dish, 11 lucky people decided to say "yes" to C-Band. Now that 2005 is here, the total subscriber count for C-Band now stands at 260,982.

For more information on C-Band, visit http://www.4dtv.com. Retailers can receive C-Band products from DSI Systems, for more information visit http://www.dsisystemsinc.com.

from skyretailer.com, December 02-04

C-Band Subs Steamrolled Again
Nothing too Drastic, Just the Usual

Another month, another subscriber drop for the big dish...

For the month of November, C-Band lost 13,019 subscribers and gained 21 more for the month. According to the Motorola Access Control Center in San Diego, Calif., the new subscriber total is 272,181.

Hopefully, the upcoming holidays will spread goodwill to the big dish industry and deactivations will subside. For more information on C-Band, big dish channel and satellite listings visit http://www.4dtv.com.

from skyretailer.com, November-04-04

C-Band Numbers Fall Hard
October Not Friendly to the Big Dish

According to the Motorola Access Control Center, C-Band subscriber totals fell below 300,000 during October.

The total subscriber count for the big dish is now at 285,548.
This is after C-Band lost 29,743 subscribers.

In September, the big dish suffered mild subscriber losses with 4,669 leaving the service.

from skyretailer.com,Octobert-5-04

C-Band Subs Dip...But Stay Above 300,000
Minimal Authorizations Loss for September

Although C-Band subscribers have left the service continuously every month for the last few years, September's de-authorizations proved to be not as drastic.

Many of the past few months have seen de-authorizations above the 10,000 mark, but for September the de-authorizations reached 4,669. This brings the total C-Band subscriber count to 315,588. If the slow down in lost subscribers sticks, it certainly requires the attention of the satellite TV industry.

Could the service be seeing some slow down in its tumble down the satellite TV toilet-bowl? If so, its obvious capacity to holster high-end TV equipment - including high-def services and satellite-based broadband services (for more information visit http://www.cband.net) - could be saving C-Band from ultimate extinction.

For more information about the C-Band service, visit http://www.4dtv.com. Retailers can also find C-Band equipment through DSI Systems, visit http://www.dsisystemsinc.com.

from skyretailer.com, August-3-04

C-Band: New Subscriber Numbers Available
Big Dish Continues Downward Spiral

According to the latest data from Motorola's Access Control Center in San Diego, Calif., C-Band's subscriber count in July came to 323,013.

After losing approximately 12,415 subscribers for the month, only 20 authorizations came through for the big dish.

For more information about the C-Band service, visit http://www.4dtv.com. Retailers can also find C-Band equipment through DSI Systems, visit http://www.dsisystemsinc.com.

from skyretailer.com, July-9-04

C-Band Update: Subscriber Count Still Taking Nose Dive
Losses Are Expected, Resources Still Thrive

We've been reporting on the demise of C-Band for quite some time now...and the situation has never improved. From the days of when the big ugly dish was king...to nowadays when it's an eyesore, C-Band is still losing subscribers. The total count is at a meager 335,766.

Down in the month of June, C-Band lost a total of 14,569, with only 28 new subscriber authorizations. Dealers for the big dish still exist and sales of new products are few and far between.

However, the resources for C-Band retailers and customers still prevail. Stemming from darkened Web portal of 4DTV.com, an "installation basics" page provides some quick reference tools: http://www.4dtv.com/Customer/installation.html. And, because many of the C-Band products still available today are somewhat outdated, the site provides product manuals as well: http://www.4dtv.com/Customer/manuals.html.

Retailers who want to direct their big dish customers to some wildfeeds (those good ol' free channels), use the following Web sites for more information: http://www.hads.net/wildfeeds and http://www.vidiot.com/Wildfeed.html.

For more information on 4DTV products and C-Band, visit http://www.4dtv.com.

from skyretailer.com, March-9-04

Big Dish Sees More Trouble

C-Band Loses Subs to More Than De-Authorizations

C-Band can't get a break. At one time, many believed subscriber counts would level off somewhere in the realm of 500,000. However, the current subscriber count for the big dish is 388,084. Signs aren't pointing to a good outcome for this part of the satellite industry.

In addition to the subscriber runaway, Gemstar-TV Guide allowed EchoStar to acquire its C-Band assets (which includes more than 200,000 subscribers) after the two companies kissed and made up after a bitter rivalry. "While the C-Band businesses have been extremely well managed by an outstanding team, they are clearly now more valuable to EchoStar than they are to us," said Jeff Shell, CEO of Gemstar.

The writing couldn't be anymore clearly written on the wall. A majority of C-Band subscribers will now be in the hands of the company that helped start the big dish and later made it diminish. "We are pleased with our agreement to acquire Gemstar's C-Band assets, and we believe that we can offer C-Band customers more choices with DISH Network," said Charles W. Ergen, EchoStar chairman and CEO.

Times...they are a changing. It's rough goings for the big dish, as usual. But, show your support as a dealer and continue to offer subscribers great options. Visit http://www.4dtv.com for more information on C-Band equipment and services.

from skyretailer.com, Jan-12-04

C-Band Losses Mount in 2003

As expected, C-Band ended 2003 with a loss of subscribers.

According to Motorola's Access Control Center, the big dish incurred a net loss of viewers totaling more than 13,000 in December. That put C-Band's total subscriber base at 428,362.

C-Band started 2003 with 590,000 subscribers.

from skyretailer.com, October-16-03

C-Band Closes Out Summer Poorly
More Subs Ditch the Big Dish

The big dish had a tough summer this year, and it's not getting any better for the service. However, C-Band subscribers still have the potential of leveling-off before utter destruction and annihilation. There is hope.

According to the friendlies at Motorola's Access Control Center in San Diego, Calif., the months of August and September for this year were brutal for the big dish. In August, approximately 10,648 subscribers left C-Band. And, for September, 13,324 subscribers de-authorized their big dish. The current count for C-Band stands at a shaky 465,769 authorized customers.

Will the satellite gods show the big dish mercy? Continue to watch SkyRETAILER.com for regular updates on C-Band subscribership. In the meantime, visit http://www.4dtv.com for more information on C-Band.

from skyretailer.com, August-05-03

More C-Band Subs Say Goodbye
Big Dish Plunges Below 500,000

If you didn't know it already, the satellite TV industry came at a standstill recently: C-Band subscribers have fallen below the dreaded 500,000 mark. Yes, it's very sad indeed. The big dish has entered a new phase in its tumble to satellite TV glory.

With the current cumulative subscriber count now at 489,600 (according to July numbers from Motorola's Access Control Center), retailers across the nation must focus on what's important: Maintaining existing customers' accounts and try desperately to get others interested.

But, the mildly over-weight lady has yet to sing; in fact, she's chomping on a Twinkie right now - too busy to sing the woes of C-Band. So, that means the big dish is still in business. No need to fret!

Here are some pertinent to C-Band Web sites to help rejuvenate interest in the big dish: http://www.satellite911.com, http://www.4dtv.com and http://www.cband.net.

from skyretailer.com, July-21-03

Summer Becomes too Hot for C-Band

Sub Numbers Keep Their Continuous Tumult

It's so hot outside nowadays C-Band subscribers could fry an egg on their big dish - and that's what most C-Band systems are being used for...alternative cooking. Kidding, yes ... C-Band's demise is no joke, however.

According to Motorola's Access Control Center, 10,577 C-Band subscribers de-authorized their system in May. During the month, the C-Band cumulative subscriber count fell to 513,064.

And, during June it was no different. According to Motorola, 11,131 subscribers left the big dish service. The current count stands at a shaky 502,191. If you've done the math in your head, July's count will certainly push the C-Band cumulative under half a million subscribers.

Ouch! Not everything's coming up roses for C-Band. But, that doesn't mean retailers should stop pursuing C-Band sales. Many customers still love their big dish and need replacement parts and much more.

And, for those looking to upgrade their C-Band system, visit http://www.cband.net to find out more information on how to get broadband by satellite - on the big dish.

from skyretailer.com, 5-13-03

C-Band De-authorizations Tapering-off
Lowest Number of Subs to Leave Big Dish Since 1998

It's official! C-Band's net de-authorizations for April - 10,570 - were the lowest seen since March 1998.

This puts the grand total at 523,745 subscribers for the big dish. Although the number of C-Band users is still dropping, this latest round-up is a positive sign that the total amount of subscribers will finally level-out.

These results are rather surprising considering the NFL Sunday Ticket being torn away from big dish subscribers. Hopefully, that won't cripple the service in the months ahead.

from skyretailer.com, 4-03-03

Gemstar/Superstar: Expect More C-Band Declines

Big Dish Authorization Numbers Continue to Fall

Gemstar TV Guide said this week it expects more declines for its C-Band business, especially given its agreement with EchoStar to transition big dish customers to DISH Network and the ongoing slump for C-Band.

In a filing sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission this week, Gemstar said its Superstar/Netlink business provided service to 361,000 C-Band subscribers as of Dec. 31, a decrease of 34 percent from the subscribers served by Superstar/Netlink at the end of 2001. During 2002, the number of C-Band subscribers decreased by 29 percent to about 590,000 subscribers.

In 1999 Superstar/Netlink entered into a marketing alliance with EchoStar to promote and solicit orders for DISH Network among its C-Band customers. Superstar/Netlink receives an initial commission for each subscriber who subscribes to DISH Network and a monthly residual commission over the life of the agreement, which expires at the end of 2005, Gemstar said.

This week, Gemstar TV Guide, best known for its interactive program guide technology in addition to Superstar, reported a net loss of $6.23 billion for its fiscal 2002, compared with a year-earlier loss of $750.7 million. Revenue was $1 billion, compared to $1.16 billion for the prior year period.

On Tuesday, Motorola's Access Control Center reported that C-Band subscribers fell to 534,058 in March.

from skyretailer.com, 3-11-03

For the month of February, gross authorizations came in at 85 and
13,427 net de-authorizations were filed. This brought the C-Band
grand total to 545,816. Not a bad month, considering the

from skyretailer.com, 2-6-03

C-Band De-Authorizations Simmer Down

Cumulative Count Still Strong, Big Dish Lives

Last month's C-Band de-authorization count was a breath of fresh air, the big dish only lost 11,756 - the lowest to leave in a long time. This month was different, but still on the lighter side compared to past months.

January de-authorizations totaled 27,775 and 109 new authorizations came around as well. This left the cumulative C-Band count at 558,962. This isn't too bad for the big dish, considering so many believed the service would be long gone at this point.

Although the NFL Sunday Ticket season is over, the National Programming Service (NPS) expressed some great C-Band subscriber results. According to NPS, the portion of the digital C-band subs increased from 35.74 percent of the market to 37.79 percent of the market (in January alone). While total digital authorizations in the industry declined, NPS actually added more than 800 subscribers.

from skyretailer.com

Although C-Band Falls, Some Subs Still Believe Beleaguered Satellite Service Finds Some Relief

It's disappointing when opening a fortune cookie and there's no fortune to read aloud to friends. Similarly, it's disappointing to see C-Band dwindle away every month from more and more subscribers churning to other television service methods.

Straight from the Motorola Access Control Center, C-Band is reported to take a 12,782 net authorization loss in August. After receiving 130 new gross authorizations, a total of 12, 912 C-Band subscribers decided to call it quits. This leaves the reigning total subscribers for C-Band at 673,018. C-Band still lives, but it still slowly fades into satellite oblivion.

However, there's hope. This is the lowest amount of subscribers to deactivate their C-Band service since September 1998 when 12, 871 subscribers deactivated. That's a thumbs-up for the industry.

4DTV user authorizations at July 2002, 140,000 (USA)

VCII+ user authorizations at July 2002, 700,000 (USA)

from skyreport

It isn't getting any easier to keep TV viewers in the big dish business.

In July, C-Band subscriptions fell below the 700,000 mark, netting a
loss of 15,000, according to the Motorola Access Control Center. C-Band
subscriptions now stand at 685,795.

At the beginning of the year, C-Band subscriptions were at 842,483.

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