HDTV HDD-200 as of Jan 2003 is now discontinued production

Currently HBO E. & W., Showtime W., Starz E. & W. & DiscoveryHD have 24hr HDTV feeds.

HBO East (1080i) n/a Wealth TV (1080i) n/a
HBO West (1080i) n/a    
Starz East (1080i) n/a Showtime West (1080i) n/a
Starz West (1080i) n/a Discovery HD Theater (1080i) n/a
    PBS (1080i) c-band via DVB receiver






Don't stack anything on HDD-200! (More Info.)

Front picture of the HDD200

Back picture of the HDD200

HDD200 Owners Manual (GI 1999 English/French) (Provided by 4DTVforum); HDD200 Owners Manual (Motorola 2002) (Provided by 4DTVforum)