Interactive Program Guide (IPG)


As of January 2011 you have to re-porgram your receiver to satellite X4 once this is done at the top of your Guide you should see the words SatelliteReceivers, this means you have the proper channel maps and new guide. If you don't have this please convert your 4DTV by goint to the following sites: or


Motorola has lost some kind preliminary lawsuit involving charging customers for the IPG. As of today (June 28th 2001) at 1pm it has become free again!
Now for the bad news, Motorola has stated that in January 2002 they plan to press forward again and charge for the guide. No word as to when in 2002 Motorola will start charging for the IPG as of January 1, 2002.
GI/Motorola since the initial release (1996) of the 4DTV GI said someday the IPG will not be free. This time has come and now the IPG will not be free as of January 2002. This is how it will work you probably will be able to purchase only the IPG, or the IPG will be included in the price of any digital programming package that you purchase.

IPG Download Instructions:

The IPG downloads as your watching TV on the trickel load concept.

To receive the guide you have to be on channles on satellite X4.


IPG Troubleshooting

How to fix your channel maps