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ATS Electronics Inc. Motorola & General Instruments service centre (1-828-465-9968)

Consumer-Owned Satellite Dishes FCC Rules (link to FCC site)

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Definition of VCII, VCII+ & VCRS (by: Mark at 4DTV Forum)

Replace Your VCII or VCII+ Backup Battery

Align your dish (angles)

Arc-Set Alignment Tool (Link to Gourmet ENTERTAINING) Gourmet Main page Link

Installation and lots of good info. (Link to Nelson Hill Electronics site -links are at the top)

More info. on dish installation (Link to site)

Align Your Dish (by: William E Jones)

Align Your Feedhorn

List of known dishes Focal Lengths

Calculating Focal Length

Online Satellite Calculations (Link)

Competing Antenna Requirements for Dual-Band Satellites (link to asfcsat)

How to adjust the antenna sub-reflector to get the dish into focus and minimise side-lobe pattern peaks (Link)

Satellite finder with magnetic north, azimuth & elevation calculator (Link)

Satellite Terminology (link to Telesat site)

4DTV Master Password & Other Satellite Receivers Passwords

4DTV Satellite names -> Conversion to real satellite call names (link)

Master Reset

Master Reset (link)

Digital BreakUp

DCII Light Won't Come On

Hidden Menus (link to Darryl Levingston site)

Remote Features

Repairing a Mis-tuned UHF Can

Ku-Band FAQ (link to Robert Smather's Page)