Can I Upgrade My Current Big-Dish?


In talking to many installers, they have experienced that most people can upgrade to a 4DTV receiver without much trouble. On some 7.5 dishes, especially those with some weather damage, or mis-tracking the digital signals on satellite G1 will be hard to maintain especially the digital HBO's on satellite G1. Currently HBO, CineMax, Starz and Encore broadcast digital from G1, and now many other digital channels are available too like MTVS, VH1 Country, Court TV etc... On systems with 10ft dishes, the digital is much easier to lock in. It is known that the use of a Phase Lock Loop (PLL) LNB's will increase the signal strength and reduce problems on smaller dishes like 7.5 feet, but PLL LNB's are quite expensive. Often installing a new or used 10 foot dish is a better choice. Just like little dish systems, digital signals do not maintain video at a degraded level if the signal strength drops, the unit will freeze frame and wait for the signal to return above the minimum threshold.

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Why do I need DIGITAL?

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Upgrade To HDTV (pic. of the High Definition Adapter called the HDD200)
N.B. To get Dolby digital via SPDIF output on the 920 or 905 you must have the HDD200 or HDD201(starchoice & will work with the 4DTV) or the 922 already has an SPDIF output

All you have to do is purchase the HDD200 or HDD201 & attach it to your 4DTV, and then you'll have HDTV. Also the HDD adapter is a line doubler for Standard definiton TV channels.